Frequently asked questions

Connect V2

Why has Texecom changed the app and the user login method?

The new Texecom Connect app is integrated with the Texecom Cloud service, this ensures that we can provide a solution that you as installers can manage from the cloud, and we can start to offer new services. The Connect app now uses secure authentication and https communication, ensuring a higher level of secure access to Premier Elite systems. This is why each user now logs into the app using an email username and password. Ensuring we can authenticate users and they can easily reset passwords securely if required.

As an Installer - why do I need a Texecom Cloud account for Texecom Connect?

To enable the Connect App to operate, the panel is connected to the Cloud first. We have simplified the end client enrolment by providing a simple process for the client to follow. By having a Texecom cloud account you can enable your customers and introduce them to the Connect App professionally. It is also possible to keep a check on their installations connectivity free of charge. If you want to then change configuration on the panel you can upgrade to a System management contract on the panel without disturbing your customer.

Will I still be able to install the Texecom Connect V1 app?

No, The Texecom Connect V1 app will be removed from the Apple store and the Play store. Connect V1 will be removed approximately two weeks after the Connect V2 is fully released. Customers with Texecom Connect V1 already installed will be able to continue to use the app for at least 4 months.

Will the Texecom Connect V1 app stop working?

Customers with Texecom Connect V1 already installed will be able to continue to use the app and it will continue to be supported for the foreseeable future.

How do I provide the Texecom Connect V2 app in future?

Follow the simple process that is outlined below:

I have all my customers sites on the Texecom Connect App, how can I transition them to the Connect V2?

If you have a number of your customers set up on your Connect app, we would recommend that you move away from using the Connect app as a management tool and convert to using the Texecom Cloud service. To make this easier you can use the migration service on Connect V2 to do this for you. i. Download Texecom Connect V2 from the links provided or the App store post launch onto the device where you have Connect V1 installed. ii. Log into the Connect App with your Texecom Cloud Installer admin user name (email) and password. iii. The Connect V2 App will now migrate all your sites on the Connect V1 to the Connect V2 service AND in the process add them all to your Texecom Cloud account as Connect V2 app visibility connections (free of charge). iv. Then log into your Texecom Cloud account and use the App management button on the panel overview page to invite your customers to the Texecom Connect V2 App. This will send them the invite email and provide them the instructions they need to install and start using Texecom Connect V2.

Can my customer still add and remove users from their Connect App?

Yes customers are still able to add and remove users from their Texecom Connect app, however in addition Gold subscriptions have the facility to disable this functionality from the cloud, if they wish to. The process for adding new users is the same, apart from the fact that each user creates their own username and password, and then is provided with an App code from the master user, by using the “Add mobile device” in the Master user menu.

Can I add users to my customers Connect App?

If you are an Installer, then you can only add users by using the Texecom Cloud service to add users to the panel that the user will have access to.

Can I remove users from my customers Connect App?

If you opt for "System and App management" ie: a Texecom cloud contract for the panel (annual fee applies) then yes you can. You can add, remove, edit and even disable the App for your customer if you need to. Thereby facilitating you to charge for your services. You can also configure the customers app via the Cloud and manage which notifications (email or push) each user will receive. If you opt for "Connect V2 App visibility" (a free connection), then you can add customers to the account, but you cannot delete them or disable the App, and you cannot manage or change their App configuration.

I am not a professional installer, can I get a Texecom Cloud account?

Not at the moment, the Texecom Cloud is only available for people who install Texecom alarm systems regularly. We don’t mind if it isn’t your sole business, as long as it is a part of your business and not just for your personal use.

If I can’t have a Texecom Cloud Account, how can I move up to Texecom Connect V2?

Once launched any Texecom Connect user can upgrade to Texecom Connect V2, you don’t need a Cloud account to do this. Just download the new app, install this onto the same device your Connect V1 app is installed on, create yourself an account and the Connect V2 will migrate all your configurations from Connect V1 to the new system. Don’t forget to delete Connect V1 once you have finished.

How can I add a new Texecom Connect system in the future?

We are considering options for our DIY install customers at the moment, there will be a solution provided to enable you to continue to use Texecom alarm solutions.

Can I retain the Connect V1 app on my phone and use the Connect V2 as well?

We don’t advise this. The Texecom Connect V1 uses different processes and servers and any changes you make on one won’t be reflected on the other. Also the Connect V1 could only have one user active at any one time, whereas the Connect V2 is more flexible and can support multiple connections.

Will Wintex still work when we are using Connect V2?

The operation of Wintex is unchanged. It will still continue to work. You should be aware that Wintex and the cloud are not synchronised so you may end up with some conflicting information. The Cloud service is fully audit logged which enables you as installers to remain compliant with the standards requirements and ensure the security of your customers by managing the access that your team have to customers panels. We recommend the use of the Cloud service over the use of Wintex.

Accounts and Payments

I have been charged to my bank or credit card. How can I see what this is for

Within your Cloud account - Go to "Account Management" menu Select the invoice tab Here you can view the list of invoices Click on View Invoice to see the details for that invoice.

Is it possible to receive the invoices by email when they are issued for payment?

Yes it is possible. Within your Cloud account - Go to "Account Management" menu Select the "Employees" tab Click "Add New Employee" When creating the user - select User type "Accounts Manager" Add the email address that you want the invoices sent to. (Note this must be a different email to any other user configured on the Cloud service.) Fill in their name and specify a password. This is a new user on the system, they will receive the accounts notifications for the account. In addition they can log into the cloud and just see the Account management functions