Remote maintenance

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Texecom Cloud’s built-in remote maintenance and Health Check services automate and record the maintenance process, making it easy for installers to offer maintenance contracts and saving unnecessary site visits - adding recurring value to end users and saving installation companies time and money.

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2 Visits become 1

Use Automatic health checks on monitored systems for a fully compliant way to reduce two maintenance visits a year to one.


Saving time, money and freeing up the engineer for other tasks.

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Automatic reporting

Automatically email the maintenance report to the customer upon completion of a remote maintenance.

Keep the customer up to date on the health of their alarm system.

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Instant health check

Perform an instant system health check anytime, anywhere. Know what the customer has called for and go to site with the right engineer and equipment to resolve the problem reducing visits therefore saving time and money.

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Automatic health checks

No need to stop with just one remote maintenance, why not offer the customer regular health checks as often as weekly, to provide additional value and peace of mind to the customer.